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Fallbrook STEMAcademy

2017/2018 FSS Staff

"Don't be afraid to do what you love in life. If you can believe what you want to do, do it.  You can do whatever you want." ~ Jose D.

"6th grade is like a recycling bottle, you get remade into something bigger." ~ Jessica M.

"If you want to meet our goals, work for it.  If you let someone do it for you, then how will you succeed in life?" ~ Dulce E.

"I enjoyed going to school because there was always someone at FSS to cheer me up.  This school is like a home/" ~ Shelleen C.

"It's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many time you get back up." ~ Jenny M

"Never doubt yourself.  You are made to do big things." ~ Susie U.

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Time: 8:15 AM – 9:15 AM
Location: room 33, FSS Master Calendar
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